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Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Manufacturer

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The production of cold-rolled stainless steel coil is not simply "cold rolling". Annealing, pickling, grinding, etc. are required before cold rolling, and leveling, straightening, shearing, stacking, etc. are also required after cold rolling, so it is actually the whole process from hot rolling coil to cold rolling finished products.

Cold rolled stainless steel coil production process:

1. Stainless steel is a kind of high alloy steel with great rolling deformation resistance. In order to carry out high-efficiency and high-precision rolling, a rigid rolling mill should be used, usually a multi roll cold rolling mill;

2. Special welding process is also a feature of cold-rolled stainless steel coil production;

3. In the production process of cold rolled stainless steel coil, the raw material (hot rolled coil) should be annealed, the intermediate annealing should be performed in the cold rolling process, and the final product should also be annealed, so annealing is an important link in production;

4. Cold rolled stainless steel is a kind of high-grade steel products, and the requirements for surface quality are very strict. Not only metallurgical defects caused by the previous process are not allowed to remain, but also obvious defects caused by the cold rolling process are not allowed;

5. The production of cold rolling stainless steel is a joint operation of multiple units. Process balance and process management are very important. There must be a strong production scheduling system to ensure continuous high-quality production.